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How Much Does It Cost to Stay Young

Paying a High Price to Be Forever Young

Seeking the fountain of youth can be expensive, but it appears people in their 50s are doling out more cash than ever to prevent aging. Compared with a generation ago, people over 50 are 14 times more likely to use wrinkle cream and cosmetic surgery has doubled, according to a survey by Saga magazine. This begs the question of whether society is putting more pressure on women to defy aging or if they're just enhancing and embracing beauty at their age.

It's not just the midlife age group that's going on an anti-aging spending spree. Beauty retailers are showing more interest shown toward tapping into the under-30 market. Renowned dermatologist Dr. Perricone is launching a "Super" line targeted toward 20-somethings who are already fretting over wrinkles and the like.

How much are you spending on anti-aging products?

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