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How to Be Positive When Unemployed

8 Ways to Stay Upbeat on Your Job Hunt

A recent study revealed that staying positive on your job hunt ensures you a better chance of scoring a job. Staying upbeat in the face of multiple rejections can be quite tough — here are a couple of ways to cope:

Avoid talking to negative people. You need all the cheerleading you can get, so try not to talk to those who have lost all hope and are trying to get you to feel the same way. Misery loves company, and spending time with negative people can influence how you feel as well.

Work out. When you're unemployed, working out will help you stay positive. The endorphins released during your workout are known to boost moods and the overall well-being of a person. Studies have shown that working out also gives you more energy, which is essential during your job hunt.

Wake up early. Retract the shades on your window so you'll be waking up to the sunrise every day, or set an alarm clock that will get you up at an early hour. Just because you don't have to clock into an office in the morning doesn't mean you should sleep in. In fact, researchers from Roehampton University found that people who get up earlier have happier and healthier lives than those who sleep in. Develop healthy sleep habits for a better mood.

Go to networking events. Going to networking events is not only just good for building up your professional Rolodex, but it also benefits your positivity. The people you meet at events will give you encouraging advice on your job hunt and can also be potential leads. It will give you hope and help you persevere on your job search journey.

Clean your crib. Living in clutter can make you feel anxious and depressed. Make sure your home is in tip-top shape so that it will feel like a welcoming place. Cleaning will also help you feel more productive. To get started, try out this cleaning schedule.

Read as much as you can. Enrich your mind by doing a lot of reading during your spare time. There will be a big difference in your mood if you decide to spend the day reading educational content rather than watching reality shows.

Avoid reading really negative articles. There's going to be a lot of really negative articles about the dismal job market or your profession. Try to avoid the temptation of reading too many of them, because they can't really help your situation. Reading a few articles will give you a reality check, but poring over too many of them is going to get you down.

Don't overspend. Do be frugal during this time and try not to overspend. Money is definitely a big stressor for job hunters and there's nothing more depressing than seeing the numbers in your bank account drop. If you are planning on buying things you can't afford to cheer yourself up, remember that there are ramifications. Find frugal alternatives that won't drain your shrinking bank account, especially if you're not making income.

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