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How to Spend Time at Work

14 Offbeat Ways to Be More Productive at Work

It's no secret that taking breaks throughout the day is important to your productivity. But what to do if walking around the block three times isn't your thing? (Hey, it can take more time than you've got.) Here, some other ways to waste time — err, be more productive — and get your mind off the job.

  • Go to the club in the middle of the day (yes, people do that )
  • Water your sad-looking plant
  • Practice your handwriting with a to-do list
  • Raid the office kitchen
  • Update your Google Plus cover photo
  • Brainstorm Buzzfeed list ideas
  • Sign up for a new email address so you can get Amazon Prime
  • Have a laugh courtesy of
  • Organize paper clips by color
  • Flag semi-important emails
  • Alphabetize your notes
  • Find new Pandora stations
  • Join in on your neighbors' convo even though they weren't talking to you
  • Unsubscribe from annoying reply-all emails (there IS a way)

Do you have any ideas of your own?

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