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How to Stop Stressing at Work

You Got the Job (so Stop Worrying About It!)

You just landed your dream job and can't stop pinching yourself. But instead of basking in the glory, you're still caught up with wondering if you can actually pull it off. Constantly second-guessing yourself can make it look like your higher-ups might have made the wrong choice, which is the last impression you want to make around the office. Here are a few tips to stop stressing and enjoy your new success!

  • Stop looking over your shoulder: When signing your contracts, make sure to find out company policy on using social media while at the office. Hey, it's OK to check your personal email or take a moment to read through texts, but spending office time tweeting takes time away from your job. Make sure to know social media dos and don'ts so you can stop stressing over what's acceptable — and what's not.
  • Dress with style: You've got the job and know the company, so it's OK to dress for yourself while at the office. Hey, that doesn't mean showing up in yoga pants is OK (unless you work at a gym!), but sticking with company style and showcasing your personal flair is a great way to feel comfortable while at work. This way you won't be worrying about your wardrobe when you should be focusing on your work.
  • Stop editing yourself: Spending time obsessing over spelling errors and grammar mistakes in emails between co-workers can take up tons of time. When writing between those in your team, give things a quick spell-check and reread before sending, but it's OK if there's a mistake here and there.
  • It's OK to say no: Even though you've just started, it's OK to say no if things are getting out of hand. Sure, you want to take everything on to prove you're awesome, but if you burn out, it's hard to recover. Take things slow, be honest with your co-workers, or talk with a manager if you're feeling pressured to do extra work.
  • Ask questions: Find a buddy that you feel good to use as your go-to person when unsure about office politics or day-to-day routines. This way you won't build anxiety over what happens at the holiday party. Make sure to let your new friend know how much you appreciate their help — but avoid entering into any office gossip.
  • Let things slide: Your email may be pinging away, but if you're working on a deadline or focused on a task, let it go. You don't have to respond to every email the second it arrives in your inbox. And it's totally acceptable to set up an automated email response on the days you're super busy.
  • Leave work at work: In order to be the best you can be, leave work at work. Putting in extra hours during your downtime can get overwhelming, which may lead to unwanted stress at home. Make time to unwind at the end of the day and enjoy catching up on your favorite show or hanging out with friends. You'll feel refreshed in the morning and ready to tackle the day.
  • Be yourself! The most important thing is to be true to you. No matter your new appointment, the reason you got the job is because you are who you are. Trust your instincts, be honest with yourself, and enjoy your new job. You deserve it!
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