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How to Use Apply With LinkedIn

1 More Reason to Beef Up Online Profiles: LinkedIn's New Way to Apply For Jobs

LinkedIn just rolled out a new feature that will let users apply for jobs using their profiles as résumés. The tool is called Apply with LinkedIn, and you'll start seeing the button on company websites and job boards. It seems to have an edge over the traditional method of applying for jobs. For starters, it shortens the time of crafting a new résumé, and you can easily reach out to recommendors through your LinkedIn network. Here's how to use it:

  • Look for the button: If you're looking around on job boards at a certain company and you spot the "Apply With LinkedIn" button, you need to click on it.
  • Edit your profile: After you click on the button, a new screen will pop up and you'll get the chance to make edits to your profile before submitting it.
  • Tap into your network: When you're done submitting your profile, you'll get a confirmation screen that will show people in your network who are affiliated with the company you just applied for. If you're not directly connected to an employee, LinkedIn will suggest people in your network who can make an introduction. Then, you can choose to send the contact a message to connect with him or her or request a referral, which will help improve your chances of scoring an interview.

LinkedIn says thousands of companies are already using the Apply with LinkedIn plugin, which includes hot firms like Netflix, TripIt, and Photobucket. I think the best part of this new development is it will make applying for jobs less tedious and time-consuming. Before you try out this new service, be sure to educate yourself on the best ways to network online and learn what major LinkedIn don'ts you should avoid.

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