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Items to Borrow From Friends

Quick Guide to Borrowing From Friends

One of the great ways to save your money and the environment is to buy used things, or rent, swap, and borrow items. Borrowing and swapping is probably my top two picks because you don't usually have to pay a cent if you don't have to factor in mailing fees. I know that asking your friend to loan you stuff is a little bit of a dicey situation, so here is a list of borrowing guidelines that I live by:

  • Well Used: I generally would borrow an item from a friend that she used more than a couple of times. I wouldn't ask for a brand-new item, because people tend to be more sensitive and possessive about newer items.
  • Borrow From a Borrower: If a pal has asked to borrow things from me, I know she'll be more open to loan me items, and I'd feel more comfortable reaching out to her.
  • Personality and Relationship: If my friend is a neat freak or a germ-a-phobe, I stay clear of her things. I feel more comfortable to borrow from close friends. They're also more likely to be direct with me.
  • Non-Essential: I don't want to inconvenience my friend and borrow something from her that she uses every day, so I only borrow items that she uses once in a while.
  • The Cost: I would stick to low-cost items or ones I can afford to replace, and they also have to be products that I can buy immediately in case an accident happens.

Although it really depends on each individual, the types of items I feel are OK to borrow include sports equipment, tools, reading material, DVDs, kitchenware, and clothes. What items do you borrow from your friends?

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