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Items to Keep at the Office

9 Items a Forgetful Person Must Keep in the Office

I used to constantly forget to charge my phone overnight and would spend my day furiously switching my cell on and off just to conserve battery. That's until I bought another charger to leave in the office. I know that some of you with superhuman memories don't have this problem, but for my forgetful peers, here is a nice list of things you should keep in the office . . . just in case!

  • All Types of Chargers: Keep an extra set of chargers, be it phone or computer or some gadget you can't do without, at your office. This is so you won't beat yourself up over forgetting to charge your electronic devices the night before. You can alternatively choose to leave another fully charged battery at the office, but it seems like the chargers are generally way cheaper!
  • Feminine Products: It's the time of the month, but you keep forgetting to bring some feminine products to work. If the office bathroom doesn't have a dispenser, remember to keep a full pack of it at work so you don't ever have to run out to the nearest pharmacy when you're on the job.
  • Mini Whiteboard: If you're really forgetful, you might not remember completing things on your electronic to-do list. I know it's really easy to dismiss and click away the alerts when you're on your computer. Increase chances of remembering by placing a small whiteboard on your desk to scribble down urgent items.

For more items a forgetful person must keep in the office, read on!

  • Medicine: It might be a good idea to leave some pills at your desk if you have to take any during the day.
  • Umbrella: I have a trusty umbrella under my table. It's pretty helpful on days when I forget to take an umbrella with me to work and get drenched on the way. It's comforting to know that I'll always be dry on my way back home!
  • Pocket Change: On the days when I forget my wallet and when I don't pack my lunch, I end up having to borrow from co-workers. Thanks to the magic of PayPal, I'm able to pay them back instantly online. However, leaving a small stash at your desk (but you need to make sure it's safe to keep money there) prevents you from having to ask people for money.
  • Mints: This hasn't happened to me, but I think it actually does occur. If you forget to brush your teeth — mints are there to save the day (and your nearby co-workers!). Even if you aren't forgetful, it's good to keep these around to prevent the dreaded coffee breath.
  • Mirror: A handheld mirror is a must-have item for you to check to make sure you don't have anything left on your teeth after a meal. You don't want to go into a meeting with a grin full of spinach.
  • Notebook or Sticky Notes: If you're the type of person to suddenly have moments of inspiration, be sure to keep a scrap notebook or sticky notes around to write down your disjointed thoughts. This will ensure that you won't ever forget them!

Do you have more suggestions for what a forgetful person should keep at the office?

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