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Are Kate Middleton's Parents Profiting From the Royal Wedding?

Rumor Control on Kate Middleton's Parents Profiting From Wedding

It sounds like nothing more than an employee mistake that's getting blown out of proportion. A customer asked Party Pieces, the party supply company owned by Kate Middleton's parents, if it would "be selling traditional British-themed products" in the coming months on its Facebook page. The company's reply was "We certainly will be doing some traditional street party bits. These will be available mid-late February."

The story passed relatively unnoticed in Wednesday's Daily Mail, but Vanity Fair summed it up and added a little flair today, saying Party Pieces "is reportedly preparing to release a line of royal-wedding-themed products."

As far as I can tell "British-themed products" are British flags, miniature castles, and Keep Calm and Carry On posters. I suppose it is tacky to sell paraphernalia for their own daughter's wedding, but it's probably something the company does for other royal celebrations. Either way, it's a far cry from starting a line of commemorative plates!

I'm really not defending the Middletons; it's just that I don't believe the Queen, Buckingham Palace, or their very own daughter would allow it. The family has denied all allegations, and I just don't think there's enough incentive to shake the crown. I mean, they'll probably be made baron and baronness or something, and that sounds much better than a quick profit.

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