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Laser Hair Removal Vs. Electrolysis

Dear Sugar
What are your thoughts on exectrolysis and/or laser hair removal? Which one is better and will last longer? Someone told me that electrolysis is permanent while laser isn't. Is this true? Curious Cameron

Dear Curious Cameron
Electrolysis is less painful, but it takes MUCH longer. Each individual hair is probed at, but the results do seem to be a little bit more effective and less expensive long term. The doctors should give you an injection to numb the area they are working on, and you shouldn't feel a thing. However, you will need multiple treatments (up to 10 months) because of the natural growth cycle in the hair follicle. Laser Hair Removal is ever more popular but more expensive. It's painful (your skin is actually burning under the laser), but it takes a shorter amount of time since multiple hairs are attacked at once. When I say a shorter amount of time I mean it could take 5-7 minutes versus 3-5 hours. Something else to consider is that if you have blonde or gray hairs, the laser will not pick up on these (it's sensitive to dark hairs). Either way you go, you still have some kind of maintenance every so often. So what you need to ask yourself is; how much money are you willing to spend, what is your threshold for pain, and how much time do you have to dedicate to this process?

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