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Millionaire Reveals Best Thing About Being Rich

A Multimillionaire Reveals the Best Thing About Being Crazy-Rich

Let's say you were handed $8 million today, no strings attached. What would you most look forward to about being rich? Buying a nice house or car? Traveling first-class? Quitting your job and enjoying all that unstructured time? According to one multimillionaire app developer on Reddit, none of these things comes close to the biggest satisfaction he gains from being rich: using his fortune to make others happy.

The millionaire, a Redditor named regoapps who says he's in his early 30s, admits that there certainly are aspects of happiness that money can buy. For example, the freedom of not answering to anyone is sugar-sweet. Not having to set an alarm or impress a boss is a huge relief. Additionally, being able to splurge on things that will save you time — for instance, skipping the TSA lines at the airport with Global Entry — is gratifying and makes you feel like you bought back all that personal time.

The best kind of splurging, however, is the kind you do for others. Regoapps sums up the best part of being rich like this:


It sucks to feel like your hands are tied and you can't help others. That's how I used to feel when I saw people struggling financially and I didn't have the money yet to do something about it. Nowadays I have funded other people's kids' college funds, tipped people much more than what I was paying for, custom built an Iron Man suit to cheer up kids at hospitals, helped get clean water to villages that before didn't have access to it, and etc. It feels great to be able to help, especially when I can do it anonymously and just walk away.

When it comes to spending money on others, I just splurge. Spending money on myself doesn't always make me that much happier. But I noticed that when I spend the money on others, they feel very, very happy. And seeing them smile makes me smile, too.

So maybe it's true that money can't buy love — but it can provide that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from helping others.

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