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Most Stressful Jobs of 2011

Photojournalists Are Stressed Out: Here's Why

Have a career you love? Well if you're a photojournalist, you could love your job, but you could also be stressed out. According to a new report, photojournalism is the fourth most stressful job of 2011, alongside commercial airline pilots, real estate agents, and stockbrokers. You may not think that snapping pics of everyday life could be that hard on your heart, but it is. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It's dangerous — Professional photojournalists are sent to the front lines of wars, disputes, and tragedy-stricken areas, putting themselves in danger so the rest of us can see the events taking place around the world.
  • It's on-call — If a breaking news story hits, most photojournalists have little time to prepare, pack, and leave home. Imagine the last time you narrowly missed a flight, then amp it up to 11.

Learn about some other stress factors photojournalists face when you read more.

  • It's time away from your family — Extended and last-minute news assignments means that some photojournalists are away from their families and friends, and miss a lot of important events in their personal lives. If there is time, they're lucky to have an Internet connection and Skype to check in.
  • It's expensive — Have you seen how expensive camera equipment is? Sure, a contract will help a photojournalist stay funded, but if they're working on spec or invoice to invoice, finances could get a little dicey.
  • It doesn't pay well — The average photojournalist makes about $43,000 per year, which isn't that much when you consider the above risks and sacrifices.
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