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Music to Help You Focus

A Playlist to Get You in the Zone

Are your eyes glazing over? Can't seem to focus on the task at hand? Sometimes not even the strongest cup of coffee can do the trick. What you need is a stellar playlist to help you concentrate. Research shows that music can make you more productive at work. One study in particular focused on the effect of music listening on work performance found those who listened to music while working not only finished their tasks faster but also came up with better ideas.

For those of you who claim music is too distracting, we think you should reconsider with this get-in-the-zone playlist. You might be amazed at how productive you become.

  1. "A Walk," Tycho
  2. "Kiara," Bonobo
  3. "Yellow Bird," Pretty Lights
  4. "Ghostwriter," RJD2
  5. "India," BoomBox
  6. "Your Hand in Mine," Explosions in the Sky
  7. "Amerimacka," Thievery Corporation
  8. "Tessellate," Alt-J
  9. "Coffee," Sylvan Esso
  10. "Wake Me," Message to Bears
  11. "At the End of the Day," Amon Tobin
  12. "El Toro," Bonobo
  13. "Moon," Little People
  14. "We Bought a Zoo," Jónsi
  15. "Awake," Tycho
  16. "La Ritournelle," Sébastien Tellier
  17. "La Femme D'argent," Air
  18. "Smoke & Mirrors," RJD2
  19. "Mirror Maru," Cashmere Cat
  20. "Keep Your Splendid Silent Sun," Sleepmakeswaves

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