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Nanette Lepore Career Tips

4 Success Tips From Nanette Lepore

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It seems like a task only a superhero can accomplish — raising a family and advancing at work at the same time. But, you shouldn't let the fear hold you back, said fashion designer Nanette Lepore during a Google+ Hangout with ShopStyle. Below are some of Lepore's thoughts on career, being a woman in business, and more.

1. Don't be afraid of having it all

"I think that it's important to realize that you can do it all and not to hold yourself back from having a family or trying to start a business. I remember as soon as I had my daughter, I got so much more productive, and I see it in women all the time. As soon as you add the baby to the family, you're under a bigger challenge to be even more efficient and productive, so I think . . . this extra sense kicks in and you're able to do it all.

I wish someone pushed me to start sooner and made me feel comfortable about having a child in New York City, because you hear [about how hard it is to have a child in the city] a lot. And that was one of the excuses I used. I was [also] afraid of being distracted from my job and my business. But I really think that you just have to believe you can do it, and you shouldn't deprive yourself of having everything."

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2. Sometimes you have to create your own dream job

"I looked for a long time I couldn't find anything I wanted, nor did I get many offers because I had a crazy list of experience. my husband said you really just have to start your own business and that's the only way you're going to find your dream job, so I really think that that's one of the best pieces of advice I've ever received."

3. Loving what you do is key to being productive

"A lot of coffee, but the inspiration is [from loving] what I do. I'm always excited about wanting something new and seeing something new take shape. I'm really happy to be able to have a big design studio where I work with my pattern makers, and there's almost something that I feel or need or want that I missed a trend or that there's a color or print or pattern that I'm super excited to work out and work through, so I really stay positive and excited about what I do generally every day because i just love it."

4. Be persistent

"Fashion isn't any different from most businesses, and women don't really have as many advantages as men. It's a little more difficult. I think in fashion, people tend to love the male designers — there's something about being a male where [it makes it] just a little bit easier. I think more doors open [for men]. But I'm very persistent, so I haven't let it hold me back."

Watch what else Lepore has to say about making it in the world of fashion in the rest of the interview below.

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