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Negative Job Statistics

I'm Asking: How Do Depressing Job Articles Affect Your Motivation?

The "don't go to law school, you'll regret it" type article pops up so often in the media, that I almost expect to see it. I just recently read Is Law School a Losing Game? by the New York Times, and it was just as depressing as this one, this one, and this one. It serves as a warning tp law school hopefuls, and for those already attending the graduate schools, a bitter reminder and source of regret. My best friend in law school says these articles can kill motivation, but at the same time, they open her eyes to the fact that she should perhaps explore some nonlegal job options. I honestly can't imagine going through three grueling years of law school, only to realize that you might not find a job in the legal industry. Keep in mind that you'll owe about $150k in student loans as well.

I remember reading about the horrible state of the print media industry while I was in journalism school, and although the articles were big downers, they kind of increased my drive to do more. Do reading depressing articles about your "dying" industry or the dire unemployment statistics ruin your motivation or do they inspire you to work harder?

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