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New Graduates Dealing With Debt

Shocking: 20 Somethings Feel More Confident With More Debt

It's well known that money is the biggest cause of stress in our lives, but it seems that 20 somethings are shrugging off their money worries even though they have much to fret about — the average student loan debt for those who graduated in 2009 was $24,000, according to the Project on Student Debt.

However, heavy student loans and high credit card debt aren't getting new graduates down. The New York Times cited a recent Ohio State University study, which found that students are feeling "empowered" by their debt. The Times says the "more college loans and credit card debt that young adults age 18 to 27 have, the higher their self esteem — and the more control they feel they have over their lives. They tend to view debt positively, rather than as a burden."

It's not exactly clear where all this positivity is coming from.The lead author of the study, assistant profession Rachel Dwyer, says student loans can be attributed to "investment for the future," and credit card debt can be associated with purchases related to job hunting, such as interview wear or books.

Perhaps this confidence stems from the general positivity 20 somethings have because they have their whole lives ahead of them. Did you have a more positive attitude towards debt when you were younger?

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