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Playing Hooky Detectives

Playing Hooky? These Detectives Might Change Your Mind

Thinking about going to Disneyland instead of clocking in your 9 to 5? Fuggedaboutit. You might be tracked down by a detective who specializes in sniffing out those skipping work to play, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Interestingly, private investigator Rick Raymond says that 80 to 85 percent of his suspects are almost always faking illnesses. That's a lot of guilty truants! Some examples the Chronicle mentioned were quite over-the-top, from the schoolteacher who lied about a brain tumor to the firefighters who called in sick to attend hockey games.

Turns out, the recession may be a culprit behind those fake sick leaves. There's been a rise in the number of employees faking sick in order to deal with the higher stress and burnout rate that comes with the economic downturn. Less job security may lead more people to stay at jobs they're unhappy with, which inevitably leads to more "sick-time abuse," says Joyce Maroney, senior director of work productivity firm Kronos.


A good solution is to make sure you're taking steps to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Read these tips for a happy balance between work and play, and remember to take advantage of your paid time off. Have you ever played hooky? And for what reason?

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