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Poacht Job-Hunting App

This Job-Hunting App Makes It Easy to Cheat on Your Current Employers

So you want a new job but don't really want to put effort into job hunting. Well before the Poacht app, which just launched yesterday, that attitude would never score you a job.

Basically this app desribes itself as a "covert job search for the currently employed." So it's not like LinkedIn, in which your public sudden massive updates can clue your co-workers into your readiness to move on (of course, you can turn those notifications off). What makes it covert is that the potential employers don't know who you are — your personal information is hidden from them until you agree to an interview.

It's entirely free, and the app does most of the work for you by pulling data from your LinkedIn profile to create your profile. All you have to do is answer a few questions on what you're looking for, such as ideal pay and perks that you would consider leaving your current employer for, and you're ready to start playing the job-hunting field.

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