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Quarterlife Premiere Episode

How Would You Handle Someone Stealing Your Idea at Work?

Last night Quarterlife made its TV premiere, and while several aspects of the show were sort of hard to swallow (the cheesy mayonnaise fight Debra had with her guy's best friend, Dylan's controversial video blogging, etc.) there was some great content relating to handling work life.

Dylan works as an editorial associate, and her awful boss, Britney, steals an idea of Dylan's and presents it as her own to the entire company. Dylan doesn't speak up at the time, but later she privately clues in Britney's boss, who tells Dylan that her idea is a good one. Dylan still doesn't let it go and takes it a step further at an all-company meeting, where she reveals in a not-so-professional speech that it was her idea. The reaction? Silence and darting eyes, suggesting that Dylan is out of line.

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