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Rachel Zoe Career Advice | Interview

Rachel Zoe Reveals the Number 1 Workplace Wardrobe Mistake You Could Be Making

If there's one woman in the fashion industry you should take cues from, it's Rachel Zoe. The celebrity stylist and designer has turned her love of fashion into a thriving empire, so it's no wonder that LinkedIn asked her to be an influencer for its site. Zoe is dishing out career and fashion tips to POPSUGAR so that motivated women can succeed at the office. The lady boss gave us the scoop on how to be a workplace winner; check out what she had to say.

POPSUGAR: Tell us about your partnership with LinkedIn.

Rachel Zoe: Making a notable first impression in the workplace is invaluable, so I wanted to get involved and share my tips for building the perfect work wardrobe. It's about professionals updating their brands both in a digital space as well as in and out of the office.

PS: What are the key pieces every woman should have in their work wardrobe?

RZ: A woman really only needs a few fundamental pieces to round out her work wardrobe — a sleek trouser, a classic blouse, the perfect dress, professional pumps, and a well-tailored jacket. Functionality and comfort are as important as style.

PS: When you want to have fun and stand out with your career clothing, what can you add?

RZ: Accessories are everything — a statement piece of jewelry or silk scarf gives your look an element of glamour while still maintaining a certain level of professionalism.

PS: What's the biggest work wardrobe mistake you can make?

RZ: Revealing too much and being too flashy.

PS: Do you have a number one universal fashion tip for all women?

RZ: It's hard to narrow it down to just one, but confidence and owning your look makes all the difference. And a smile goes a long way!

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