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Strange Money Superstitions

5 Money Superstitions You Can't Believe Exist

Admit it, you're harboring a superstition. Whether it's Friday the 13th or breaking a mirror that strikes fear into your heart, there's probably some belief you have that you just can't rationalize. And we're not alone in this; it seems like all over the world, people have some beliefs that you might think sound pretty ridiculous. But hey, what sounds unbelievable to us, may make perfect sense to other cultures — different strokes for different folks! Here are some money beliefs you might be scratching your head about:

  • Hairy mole: If you're sporting a mole on your face a la Cindy Crawford, you should leave it be . . . especially if it's sprouting hairs, because it will bring you great fortune, according to Chinese superstition. 
  • Bury a statue of St. Joseph: Want to sell your home? Well, you'll have a quicker sale if you bury a statue of St. Joseph upside down in the front yard, says an old Italian custom. In fact, the idea is so pervasive in the US, that there are actually St. Joseph home seller kits ($8) you can on Amazon buy to practice this belief.
  • Kitties: Cats are associated with good fortune in Japan, and the residents of Tashirojima a.k.a. cat island, take it to the extreme. The cats outnumber the approximately 100 human residents, and there are actually four times the amount of felines on cat island. And get this, dogs are even banned from this cat haven. 
  • Vultures: These birds aren't just omens for death in South Africa. Apparently, folklore in that region says vultures can see into the future because of their keen eyesight. This has lead to a lot of slaughter of vultures in that area, a pressing problem for conservationists. Poachers will catch the bird, cut off their heads, and sell them to gamblers who would wear it around their necks for good fortune. 
  • Profiting off someone else's bad fortune: One seriously morbid superstition that's practiced among some lottery-crazed people in parts of Southeast Asia is the purchasing of lottery numbers that are related to gruesome murders. People would turn up at funerals or homes of the deceased to see if there are any numbers they can use for their lottery picks. Another popular method is to use the numbers on the license plates of cars that have been involved in an accident. 
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