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Surprising Things Homeowner's Insurance Will Cover

7 Things You Didn't Know Your Homeowner's Insurance Covered

You may have a vague idea of what your homeowner's insurance covers, but it's time to get educated on its proper coverage to make full use of it. Of course, every insurance policy is different, but there are some similarities among them. Here are some things you may be surprised to see covered in many homeowners' insurance policies:

  • Student property: The homeowner's insurance covers property belonging to all members of the household, even if they go away for college. Most likely, the student will have to be housed in a college-owned property, like a dorm, to qualify for coverage. Expensive property like laptops and cell phones can be covered by the insurance plans.
  • Pet bites: If Fido gets you into legal trouble by biting one of your neighbors, your home insurance may take care of everything if you meet some of their requirements, such as the breed of the dog.
  • Fraud: Chances are, if you accidentally received counterfeit money or were a victim of check or credit card fraud, you might be able to get some of it back from your insurer. You may not get much back, but every bit counts!
  • Garden damage: If any of your plants, such as trees and shrubs, have been damaged unintentionally, you may be covered for it under your insurance.
  • Spoiled food: If a power outage caused your fridge to break down, you may be entitled to get some of your money back on the food that spoiled.
  • Missing luggage: Many homeowners' insurance policies cover belongings you bring outside of the home, so check to see how much of your lost baggage your insurer will cover.
  • Injuries outside the home: Many policies provide coverage on accidents and injuries, even ones that occur outside of the home.
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