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Thinking About Changing Jobs?

Have You Recently Thought About Leaving Your Job?

If you've been seriously mulling over the possibility of leaving your current job, you're sharing the same sentiments as one-third of Americans polled in a survey by Mercer LLC, an international consulting firm. It's an increase from the 23 percent found before the recession in 2005. Discontent is growing because employees are dissatisfied with salary, benefits, and packages. The Wall Street Journal says that many companies, like Zions Bancorporation, are reevaluating what sort of salary or benefits their employees are content with, in order to prevent the high turnover rate they might start seeing as the economy improves and jobs start coming back.

But before you decide to leave, there are several factors you need to think about, career coach Judah Kurtz tells the WSJ. For example, try talking about your career development with your manager, asking yourself if there are any non-work factors affecting your dissatisfaction, and evaluating what you want from your new job.

I'm asking, have you recently thought about leaving your job?

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