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When to Accept LinkedIn Requests

When You Should Accept Someone's LinkedIn Request

Being picky on LinkedIn doesn't make you a snob, it's just smart. After all, if you add everyone and their moms to your account, you're diluting the strength and integrity of your connections and network. How can you be a trusted connection if you had no idea your connection Jane Smith is a scam artist? It can be hard navigating the ins and outs of the professional social media network, so you should have a few ground rules for accepting LinkedIn requests.

You should only let a connection add you if she meets one or more of these requirements:

  • You've worked or communicated with the person more than a handful of times, and you like her professional attitude and track record.
  • You don't mind the connection tapping into your network.
  • The person is someone you would feel comfortable reaching out to for networking purposes.
  • She is someone you know in real life.
  • You want to help her out.
  • She is someone you respect and admire.
  • Someone you trust has referred her to you.

Don't feel bad if you decline someone's request; it's something that happens often, and you're only hurting yourself if you weaken your network. Adding and accepting a LinkedIn request is a gesture of trust, and it should be made with careful consideration.

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