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Why You're Tired at Work

6 Reasons Why You're Tired at Work

Do you feel like you've been in a mental fog at work? Perhaps you've tried different ways to stay alert at work, but coffee just doesn't cut it anymore. The first step to fixing a problem is to find the root cause of it. Address your office lethargy by figuring out why you're in a slump. Here are some possible causes:

  • Afternoon slump: Your body clock naturally induces a dip in your energy mid afternoon, so the lethargy you might be feeling may simply be due to that. You can beat this slump by eating a healthy breakfast, taking a brisk walk, and more.
  • You're burned out: Perhaps it's time for a vacation. Job burnout is a very real condition that can be brought about from stress and results in total exhaustion. Try to figure out if it's truly what you're dealing with, then take the steps to fix it. 
  • Poor quality of sleep: It doesn't matter how long you sleep for if it's low-quality rest; you'll be tired for the rest of the day. Poor-quality sleep can be caused by factors such as sleeping with a pet, drinking caffeinated beverages late in the day, or having too much noise in the background.
  • Medication hangover: The effects of certain medications that cause drowsiness can linger until the next day. Check with your doctor to see if you can adjust the dosage or change medications.
  • Medical condition: Medical conditions like sleep apnea and thyroid problems can disrupt your night's rest, causing you to feel tired during the day. Disorders like depression can also cause you to feel drained of energy, a symptom that can contribute to your grogginess.
  • Too much caffeine: Overindulging in a cup of joe may have the opposite effect of what you intended it to have. It causes your metabolism to surge, then crash. Coffee can also cause dehydration, and that will also make you more tired. 
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