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Would You Want to Be Famous?

Would You Want to Be Famous?

Although she'll make an exception for a Vogue cover and interview, Carey Mulligan says she doesn't want to be a celebrity personality. She tells the magazine:

"I don’t want to be ‘known’ — I’m afraid of being a ‘personality.’ On a talk show, I feel I should just hold up a sign with the facts on it — and leave. It wouldn’t take more than a minute, and they’d have room for other guests."

Niche recognition would make the best fame if you ask me. Take This American Life's Ira Glass — he can still go grocery shopping for himself, but he (or his voice) might be recognized by a public-radio fan while he's checking out. Not too invasive, but still flattering. According to a recent poll, however, actor and actress rank highest on the list of dream jobs for Americans, followed by professional athlete. So a thirst for celebrity must come into play for lots of people. Would you welcome fame?

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