10 Ways to Save $5 — No Sweat!

While there's a lot you can do with $5, there's a lot you can do when you save $5 too. Because the little things add up, simple actions can help you save big. Doing any one of these 10 things for an entire week could have you $35 richer by the time Sunday rolls around. Here's how:

  1. Skip the latte: Ditch the Starbucks for a day and you're $5 richer. No need to go caffeine free, just make your coffee at home or in the office with a touch of cream!
  2. Carpool: Between the gas, parking fee, and tolls, your daily commute can be pricey. Arrange to carpool with a friend one day a week and pocket that savings for something a bit more enjoyable than rush hour.
  3. Brown bag it: Channel your inner child and pack a lunch. With the average cost of lunch around $10, eating out can quickly add up and most of the time you aren't getting anything special. Plus, most leftovers taste better the next day anyways . . .
  4. Watch a favorite flick: Going to the movies costs an arm and a leg, but so too does renting or purchasing a movie from Amazon or OnDemand. Instead of charging it, switch on an old favorite and have a classic movie night at home.
  5. Whip up leftovers: Rather than eating out or heading to the store for a missing ingredient, challenge yourself to make something from leftovers and the ingredients you already have. If you aren't a top chef (yet), check out SuperCook to curate recipes using the ingredients you have on hand.
  6. Get fit for free: If you pay for individual classes such as Spin class or yoga, consider one of these seven free workouts or grab a workout buddy and head to a free yoga class.
  7. Count your change: For instant gratification, clean out your purse and empty those pockets; chances are you'll have $5 when you add it all up.
  8. Borrow a book: Hardback or ereader, books are expensive. Instead of purchasing your next beach read, swap pages with a friend or head to the local library. If you're a proud card-carrying member of your local library, you will also probably have access to its ebook collection. This means you won't even have to step foot into a library to borrow its ebooks for free! Check out these other free services the library provides.
  9. Ditch the dry cleaning: You easily save more than $5 following these dry-cleaning tips at home; it's easier than you think!
  10. Attend a free event: Instead of dinner and movie for date night, attend a free event! From happy hours to street fairs, the options are endless. A quick search online will lead you to a free outings in your area.