10 Ways to Make Money From Home

What could be better than making money from the comfort of your own home in your pajamas?! All You has come up with 10 different ways you can make money from home.


There are plenty of ways to make money with skills and interests that you already have, you just need to know where to look. Our job guide is full of potential jobs that work around your schedule and let you earn extra dollars from pretty much anywhere! Based on your personality and strengths, find out what type of job best suits you.

1. If You Love Writing

Many websites need part-time writers. Examiner.com pays people to write reviews for restaurants, shops, parks and concerts in their area. If reviews aren't quite your thing, ProBlogger has listings of sites that are willing to pay semi-professional writers. Over time, good writers have found this sort of freelancing can be quite lucrative. Every website has a different application process, so log on and get paid.

2. If You Are Artistic

There are plenty of sites to let your artsy side shine and make some money in the process.
Etsy.com is a virtual marketplace where the craftier among us can sell their wares to shoppers from all over the world for a percent transaction fee.

CafePress allows you to design and sell your own graphic t-shirts, mugs and other printables from home for the cost of materials.

3. If You Are Organized and Efficient

Be an administrative assistant. Often business owners can save money by hiring independent contacts to perform tasks such as data entry, transcription and scheduling out of a home office.

Go to virtualassistants.com to find out more.

3. If You Love Trying the Newest Products

If you always have to have the newest items that hit the shelves and can't wait to talk about it with your friends, you can turn your passion into profit. Companies want your input on their new products and will reward you for giving it with discounts, freebies and more.

Check out the following sites to find out how to become a product tester:

4. If You Are Great With Kids

Running a home day-care center could be for you. While very fulfilling, childcare is a big undertaking. You're responsible for the kid's health and safety, and you will have to prepare meals, teach lessons and plan art projects.

Before you begin, ask yourself the following:
Do you have enough space?
Will you need staff?
Can you cover start-up costs?

5. If You Are a Shutterbug

Companies need images of everyday objects and concepts for websites, blogs, brochures and other projects. Go out with your camera, shoot some pictures and upload them to a stock photo site. You earn money when a company buys them. Each site works differently, be sure to do research before you commit.

Check out these sites for more information:
Bigstock Photo

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6. If You Are a Packrat

Do a little spring-cleaning and put some extra cash in your pocket by selling just about anything. Whether you choose the busiest e-commerce site on the web, eBay, or the preferred site for selling books and DVDs, Amazon.com, it's easy and fun!

Learn how to make the most money when you sell online!

7. If You Are a Know-It-All

Sites will pay for information; all you need is a fast Internet connection. ChaCha.com guides can earn $3 to $9 an hour for researching the answers to obscure questions.

If you are more of an expert in a certain area, you can answers other people's questions on liveperson.com, a site that offers everything from style tips to homework help. Once you are approved, you set your own fee for answers. The more questions you tackle, the more you earn.

8. If You Are a Good Communicator

Many businesses, such as JetBlue Airways, recruit hires from staffing companies to work from home as customer-service agents. You can often make your own schedule, working when it's convenient for you.

Check out these following sites for more information:
Arise Virtual Solutions
Working Solutions
Alpine Access
ACD Direct
Live Ops

9. If You Are Outgoing and Persuasive

Host product parties. More than 15 million people in the U.S. sell items for direct-sales companies, according to the Direct Selling Association. This isn't just restricted to the handy-reusable plasticware of yesteryear; there is likely a direct selling company for whatever your interest.

Here's a list of popular businesses that are offering sales jobs.

10. Protect Yourself

Follow these tips to figure out if a business is legitimate.

Avoid companies that ask you to pay for instructions or products before it explains the plan. Watch out for pyramid schemes. Read the fine print. Before getting started, read the site's terms of use. Do research. Go on to the Better Business Bureau to see if the BBB has accredited the organization or if anyone has lodged a complaint against it.

Start your own business from home!

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