This TikTok User Creates Hilarious and Spot-On Videos About the Struggles of Working From Home

If you've been virtually attending school or working from home these past months, you probably know the Zoom struggles all too well: trying to figure out how to share your screen, remembering to mute and unmute yourself, and attempting to hide the mess behind you (trust me, we've been there!). There's no doubt that video calls are exhausting and that working from home, while it has its perks, has its unglamorous situations and difficulties too.

TikTok user @corporatenatalie understands all of those awkward situations and decided to poke fun at them by re-creating them on the social media platform with a fun and hilarious spin in these videos. Her content is so relatable, you won't be able to stop yourself from laughing and aggressively nodding your head in an "I FEEL THIS!" way. Keep reading to see her best WFH TikTok videos, but just remember to unmute your device first.

When You Reaaally Don’t Want to Turn Your Camera On

If you've ever woken up looking like a dumpster fire, don't worry: Natalie is right there with you. Turning on our cameras during every meeting? No thanks.

When Your Coworkers Are “Wrapping Things Up” but Actually Just Keep Talking

Is there anything worse than a meeting that either could've been an email or seems to go on forever? Nope, there's not. And if we hear the phrase "piggybacking off of that" again, we're going to need another cup of coffee.

When a Parent Interrupts Your Professional Business Meeting

We're thankful for loving parents we can move in with when we need to, but rushing them out of our rooms makes us feel like teenagers again, and not in a good way. I love you too, mom, but I can't talk right now!

When There's That Person Who Always Forgets to Unmute Themselves

That darn mute button is at it again. You may keep yourself on mute out of respect for others, but it's easy to forget the need to turn it off before speaking. Your mouth is moving but no one hears you ー they're too busy trying to give you the heads up.

When You Forget to Close Your Google Search Before Sharing Your Screen

Zoom meetings can get a bit boring, so we totally understand a little web-surfing during them. However, you may sometimes forget to close that tab before sharing your screen, and bam: now everyone can see you're googling a weird question about your pet.

When You Get Put on the Spot and Forget Who You Are

Nothing can make you forget who you are like being asked to introduce yourself in front of a bunch of people on camera. Yikes.