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TikTok User's Funny Videos About Working From Home

This TikTok User Creates Hilarious and Spot-On Videos About the Struggles of Working From Home


“Now I’m gonna hand it over to Natalie for a quick intro” #fyp #foryoupage #workfromhome

♬ original sound - CorporateNatalie

If you've been virtually attending school or working from home these past months, you probably know the Zoom struggles all too well: trying to figure out how to share your screen, remembering to mute and unmute yourself, and attempting to hide the mess behind you (trust me, we've been there!). There's no doubt that video calls are exhausting and that working from home, while it has its perks, has its unglamorous situations and difficulties too.

TikTok user @corporatenatalie understands all of those awkward situations and decided to poke fun at them by re-creating them on the social media platform with a fun and hilarious spin in these videos. Her content is so relatable, you won't be able to stop yourself from laughing and aggressively nodding your head in an "I FEEL THIS!" way. Keep reading to see her best WFH TikTok videos, but just remember to unmute your device first.

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