Don't Know What the Pink Tax Is? Get Ready to Be Infuriated

Sexism can often land in a "gray area" that can be both difficult and tiring to explain. While it is never invalid, these instances can be hard to prove and even more difficult to confront. This is not the case for the Pink Tax, aka the extra amount the average woman is charged for everyday products and services. Put simply, women pay more than men on average for everyday items. The price difference is not small, either; the average woman pays an extra $1,351 a year for the same everyday goods and services as men do. We know, our rage levels are rising, too. If you are not already feeling your face get hot and hearing the Kill Bill siren ringing in your ears, get a load of these statistics: deodorants marketed to women cost more 56 percent of the time, on average women's jeans cost 10 percent more than men's, and personal care products are 13 percent higher for women than men on average.

Feeling super upset about all this and don't know where to channel that anger? Check out this website and learn how you can help to Ax the Pink Tax!