7 Things QVC Can Teach Us About Finding a Job

POPSUGAR Photography | Paul Kabat
POPSUGAR Photography | Paul Kabat

There's something almost hypnotic about watching QVC without the intent to purchase anything. In fact, QVC is the perfect background television to most mundane tasks — especially searching for a job. Watching television is even better when you can gain something useful from it, right?

What if I told you that for zero payments of just zero dollars you could have some high-quality lessons about job hunting? It's a deal you can't pass up! QVC has more to offer than just actual items, it can also teach us a few lessons about how to land a job.

1. Showing is more powerful than telling.

You can say you've done this and that, but you're going to need to back it up and show some concrete evidence. On QVC if they tell you a knife slices through bone, they're going to cut through that bone with the knife. If you say you're an expert in Pinterest marketing and grew the account at your last job, you ought to have some numbers or statistics to back it up.

2. Get excited.

I doubt there is anyone more upbeat and enthusiastic than QVC hosts selling a new product. Enthusiasm is key during the job hunt. Expressing genuine interest in and passion for a company can help seal the deal. This can be done through having a positive tone, being knowledgeable about the company, and smiling, even when you're on a phone interview.

3. Brag about what you're good at.

When the new bag is waterproof and holds up to 10 pounds, the hosts tell you all about it. Tell your recruiter and interviewer what you're good at. There's no shame in showing off some of your accomplishments.

4. Dress for success.

QVC hosts are always stylish unless they're modeling a less-than-fabulous product. Be sure to dress with class when embarking on any in-person or Skype interview. Like QVC, take note of your audience. The interview outfit for a job at a law firm will be much different from the one you wear to interview at a fashion magazine.

5. Be quick on your feet.

A product might fail or the host might trip and fall during a live show, but QVC is always quick to recover from any mishaps or mistakes. If you're in a foot-in-mouth situation or accidentally share a little TMI, be ready to quickly recover.

6. Be persistent.

"We've only got 20 left and we're selling fast!" The hosts on QVC constantly follow up with the viewer about how the product is selling. You should be following up with the company to reiterate your interest or check the status of your application. Be careful not to go overboard with your follow-up emails, we all know how the QVC hosts' constant reminders of selling out can sometimes be overwhelming.

7. Have something special that makes you stand out.

Why do you order products from QVC? Because there's something about it that makes you say, "I need that!" Figure out why the company you like needs to hire you. What truly makes you an asset to the company? Most job interviews include a question along the lines of, "What makes you stand out from other applicants?" Prepare some kind of answer, whether it be a concrete skill or previous achievements.