This Astrologer Warns Not to Quit Your Day Job in 2020 — Here's Why

We get it: you might be itching for a career change, feeling a bit stale, sick of your boss, or just ready to expand beyond something that you've outgrown. The change is coming, but now's not the time to take the leap . . . if you're going with the astrological flow, that is.

POPSUGAR spoke with astrologer Shannon Aganza of MoonGathering in Carlsbad, CA, who gave us a yearlong, sign-wide career horoscope (meaning this applies to all of us, regardless of your Zodiac sun sign), and much of it is based on Saturn's last foray in Capricorn, with Saturn dipping into Aquarius and a retrograde Venus in Gemini thrown in the middle.

Here's the deal: the career powerhouse entities Saturn (think of it as your planetary boss or authority figure) and Capricorn (the workaholic sign) have been doing the tango since 2017. This final chapter of two-peas-in-a-career-centered-pod has a set of events that will impact how all of us look at the way we make a living.

Now through March 21, Saturn is still in Capricorn. From March 22 through July 1, Saturn takes a nice little dip into Aquarius (this is important), then comes back to Capricorn all the way through Dec. 17, at which point Saturn finally settles into Aquarius for a long while (think: through the beginning of 2023).

Aganza said the time in which Saturn is in Capricorn is when life (and your career) might feel hard. The good news? You're getting some "blueprints" for your future pretty soon. But what do those blueprints look like? What are you building toward? This is where the fun happens. When Saturn goes into Aquarius for a hot minute (well, roughly three-and-a-half months), you'll essentially get a sneak peek for what your next career chapter could look like (again, March 22 to July 1). And remember that Venus in retrograde? From May 13 to June 25, Venus will be retrograde in Gemini. "This is all about positive possibility and creative possibility," Aganza said. "Your wheels are turning, and you're receiving a lot of ideas and information."

She calls this your "glimpse" into future projects and opportunity. Another way of looking at it is "getting precious seeds," then using the work time (Saturn in Capricorn for the back half of 2020) to "enrich the soil to get ready for the seeds."

Essentially, "We get a four-month preview of the possibility and action of 2021 while Saturn is in Aquarius," Aganza said. "That's our motivation; a glimpse of our big goal for 2021. Then, when Saturn is back in Capricorn, go back to what you're doing and start working toward [your new] goal."

She explained that if you've been feeling vaguely disinterested in work or somewhat directionless in your career, the glimpse period will help you put your finger on it so it's no longer just vague desire. "It's crystallizing," she said. "You can't unsee it — you saw your career vision, now you're ready to start working on it."

While Venus is in Gemini (during this Saturn-in-Aquarius phase), you'll potentially feel frenzied with creative ideas for ventures, projects, new jobs, trajectories, and beyond. "Saturn provides the stability for Gemini," Aganza said, implying that when Saturn moves back into the work zone that is Capricorn, you'll get a better sense of how to make those colorful career dreams a reality. "Saturn's job is to stabilize and make real."

So the Saturn-Aquarius (plus Venus-Gemini) thing is the vision, and the Saturn-Capricorn thing is the time to put in the work on that vision. Make sense? Aganza also said not to be discouraged if the putting-in-work time period feels slow or stagnant. "When Saturn goes back into Capricorn, things slow down, and it might make you think you made a bad [career] decision," she said. "It might feel like things aren't going anywhere — that's OK!"

In a lot of cases, you hear success stories about entrepreneurs who take the leap and "assemble an airplane on the way down," she said, adding that 2020 is not the time for that, and things will go much more in your favor if you go with the cosmic flow. "It's a marathon this year, not a sprint! Be strategic about the long game, think long term, embrace slow and incremental change, and give up the idea of immediate payoff in 2020. If we keep at it, we'll achieve success going into 2021."