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Opal Lee Fought For Juneteenth to Become a National Holiday
Opal Lee Is the "Grandmother of the Movement" to Make Juneteenth a National Holiday
by Karenna Meredith
How to Honor Juneteenth Without Diminishing Its Significance
How to Honor Juneteenth Without Diminishing the Importance of This Cultural Holiday
by Ralinda Watts
Disney Princesses Inspired This Kid to Walk Again
Little Kids
This Video of an 8-Year-Old Learning to Walk Again Will Inspire You to Never Give Up
by Rayna Rossitto
paid for by Disney
George Floyd's Family on the Derek Chauvin Verdict | Video
George Floyd's Family Says Derek Chauvin's 22.5-Year Sentence Is Like a "Slap in the Face"
by Chanel Vargas
My Father's Application Was Pending When DACA Was Suspended

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