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Best Political Podcasts

8 Podcasts That Make It Easy to Be Smart

The key to being informed? A well-balanced podcast diet. In an election year, many of us feel the need to know what's going on in the world. But it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. By turning on a podcast during your morning commute, while you clean your house, or as you cook dinner, you'll painlessly build in time to become both informed and entertained. Here are eight I swear by.

  1. NPR Politics: NPR Politics features off-the-cuff discussions among NPR's political reporters. They'll give you quick takes on primary nights and also produce insightful interviews on campaign issues you've been wondering about. A recent podcast featured an interview with a seasoned Republican election lawyer about the possibility of a contested convention.
  2. PRI's The World: PRI's The World takes an international perspective on current events. You'll hear short, reported pieces on human interest topics like the refugee crisis, climate change, and world sports.
  3. The New Yorker: Politics and More: Like the idea of reading The New Yorker but don't have time to actually get through it? Check out the The New Yorker: Politics and More for elevated discussions about domestic and global politics. The conversations move beyond "horse race" politics, and into topics including "The Trump Doctrine" of foreign policy, the problems with election polls, and the phenomenon of school shooters.
  4. Fresh Air: Fresh Air with Terry Gross is the secret to sounding informed about pretty much any topic. She interviews reporters on world affairs, literary authors, and celebrities. Recent episodes included an interview with Samantha Bee, confessions of an Abu Ghraib interrogator, and a charming interview with actor Ray Romano.
  5. APM: Marketplace: Think the stock market is intimidating? APM Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal breaks down each day's business news in a fun and relatable way. It will help you understand both world economic trends and everyday financial policy that can impact you.
  6. Slate's Political Gabfest: Slate's Political Gabfest features about an hour of informed banter about recent political headlines. It's like eavesdropping on reporters in a DC bar.
  7. The Diane Rehm Show: A public radio staple, The Diane Rehm Show features thoughtful conversations on of-the-moment topics like the Zika virus, convention delegates, or important new studies.
  8. KCRW's Left Right Center: Feel assured that you're getting analysis from multiple points of view with KCRW's Left Right Center. You'll hear real-talk and opinions on topics like Obama's visit to Cuba, presidential debates, and the Supreme Court nomination fight.
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