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John Oliver Putin Techno Song

John Oliver’s Brilliant Song About Putin and Trump Will Be Stuck in Your Head All Week

What would happen if America and Russia were actually close allies? John Oliver's latest segment explores just that . . . while simultaneously annihilating Trump's hypocrisy along the way. Instead of focusing on Trump, Oliver addresses allegations that Trump's aides were colluding with Russia by breaking down who exactly Vladimir Putin is and how he rules. Shocker: it's oppressive.

"Putin may or may not have stolen billions of dollars . . . and may or may not have been involved in the intimidation or assassination of his opponents," Oliver details. It's difficult to confidently determine if Putin is truly behind the silencing of dissidents, as Oliver also explains, but the evidence suggests he is.

"Here is what we can say about Putin without a doubt," Oliver asserts. "He, among other things, annexed Crimea, imposed severe fines and long prison sentences on protesters, propped up the brutal Assad regime, and signed a harsh anti-gay propaganda law."

The best part of Oliver's already brilliant decrial of Putin comes at the end in the form of an unforgettable techno tune inspired by the Russian leader. It's an apt culmination of Oliver's point . . . and it will be stuck in your head all week.

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