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10 Latinx Travel Bloggers to Follow on Instagram ASAP

Travel blogging — and, as an offshoot, travel Instagramming — is a whitewashed industry in which people of color and Latinx travelers are often overlooked. Instead, search results and Instagram feeds are dominated by faces and voices that don't necessarily reflect the experience of all travelers or the reality of travel in and of itself. With that in mind, here are 10 Latinx travel bloggers serving up curated images guaranteed to fuel your next bout of #wanderlust.

As the founder of the @Travel_Latina account (which you should go follow, like, right now, by the way), it would be pretty impossible to talk about influential Latinx travel Instagrammers and not include Colombian-American Alexandra Chavarriega. While her feed isn't updated daily, her colorful pictures of people and places are always worth the wait.

Quote From Alexandra: "Historically, Latinx aren't represented in the travel industry. You ask Latinx travelers if they run into many other Latinx travelers on their adventures, and the majority will say no. As young Latinx begin to travel more and more, following the millennial trend to do so, the demand for representation, tailored travel experiences, and a desire to connect with similar travelers will also increase."

The dominating aesthetic of Xo's Instagram is vibrancy — richly saturated colors, tons of iconic backdrops, and amazing attention to detail overtake every photo. Be warned: you'll be left clamoring to get out of the country after scrolling through her brilliantly put-together feast for the eyes of a feed.

Quote From Xo: "My Instagram gives me the opportunity to represent a minority and to break cultural stereotypes. I'm proud to show people the world through my eyes and that I always carry my Latin spirit no matter where I go."

Cuban-American Jen, aka the blogger and Instagram brains behind The Social Girl Traveler, has a feed that could make even the most seasoned traveler envious. However, while she loves to document her adventures abroad, she is, in her own words, "more than just a travel blogger," focused on purposeful and culturally immersive travel, whether that's in Morocco or Wales.

Quote From Jen: Growing up in a Latina house that was so family oriented, you can imagine how hard it was when I was told my parents I was leaving my corporate job in NYC for a life of travel and purpose. Ha! I believe that we as women (Latina or not) need to stick together in an industry that is so difficult to have a voice in. My mission is to create incredible possibilities of transformation for everyone everywhere, especially women!"

As the name suggests, @atwbeauty brings together the dual passions of its curator — MUA Stephanie Flor — combining travel and beauty in one effortlessly beautiful Instagram feed. Whether she's doing makeup in Morocco, browsing for perfume in Florence, or admiring masterpieces in France, every photo will have you longing to hop on a plane.

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Afro-Latinx travel blogger and Instagrammer Olivia shares more than just her travels on her account, @ochristine. In fact, she posts about everything from tacos to teepees and even her recent engagement overlooking Donner Lake in California, showing her followers how to balance travel and wellness (she lives with lupus) along the way.

While some Instagrammers shy away from sharing their face and stealing the shot, Crystal is not about that life. Whether she's hanging out with Christmas trees that look straight out of Home Alone, posing in front of geode-inspired street art, or taking moody shots of New York cityscapes, her feed is always aspirational and visually interesting.

Quote From Crystal: It's important to show the Latinx community that traveling is obtainable. Through our travels, we get to experience different cultures and lifestyles. It shows us to grow a deeper appreciation for the things we have in our lives. Traveling nurtures one's soul. We need to continue to strengthen and encourage diversity across all social media platforms like Instagram."

Brazilian world traveler Ana has a beautiful feed full of gorgeous complementary colors and the odd pop of vibrancy, and in the last six months alone, she's uploaded snaps from destinations as diverse as Hawaii, Cuba, Cape Town, and Florida. Basically, if you're looking for an aesthetically cohesive yet destination-diverse travel Instagram user to follow, she's your woman.

Quote From Ana: "It's important to see and hear other Latin faces and voices in the travel space because representation is crucial for both the present and future generations. [Thanks to representation, teens can] grow up knowing that the life of travel is possible for all, not just one group of individuals over another. For the youth to see people in mainstream media that are like them from a nationality and/or race stand point, I think it can instill the seed of possibility for that individual, like, 'Look at this girl, brown like me, doing her thing! It's possible for me too.' But honestly, it's also important for present-day adults that are hard-working and never thought travel was on the cards for them, and, in general, I think travel unifies and brings people together more than anything else, because despite all the idiosyncrasies of each person, we quickly realize how alike we all are."

Patricia's feed features everything you'd expect from a professional travel photographer, including ridiculously well-framed portraits against jaw-dropping landscapes, perfect lighting, and an inventiveness you might be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. This is best exemplified in her shots of heart-shaped lakes from above and impressively captured images of stars from below.

Gabi's account is smattered with personal photos from birthday parties and friendly get-togethers, but the overwhelming majority of her shots are travel-oriented. From photos featuring Spanish Hollywood to others highlighting amazing architecture, each one is bound to have you booking your next flight, whether it's to Canada or Catalonia. Oh, and she owns the greatest t-shirts.

Unlike many of the other Latinxs on this list, France-based Rosibelle travels with her son and posts the cutest Instagram photos of their adventures along the way, mixed in and among artsy angles and some good old-fashioned Instagram selfies, of course. Proving that motherhood is far from the end of your travel dreams, Rosibelle's feed is one for anyone who was ever told they couldn't.

Quote From Rosibelle: "Seeing a diverse group of Latinas in mainstream travel media inspires girls like me to see the beauty this world has to offer, learn about other cultures, and positively represent who we are across the globe. It gives us more visibility and encourages the younger generation to feel like traveling and exploring is accessible to them. Many will say to themselves, 'If she can do it, so can I,' and being able to have a positive influence like that is pretty amazing."

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