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Prepare to Spit Out Your Water When You Hear What These Men Think About Birth Control

Prepare to Spit Out Your Water When You Hear What These Men Think About Birth Control

A recent study is causing quite the uproar, and once you learn about its findings, you'll likely want to scream in frustration, too. PerryUndem, a non-partisan public opinion research firm, surveyed slightly more than 1,000 registered voters nationwide about contraceptives and the policies that surround them. One statistic in particular really stood out among the rest.

Only 37 percent of men noted that they had benefitted personally from women having access to affordable birth control. Allow me to repeat that: only 37 percent. That meant a whopping 52 percent of men who stated they did not personally benefit from the presence of affordable birth control (with the other remaining percentage saying they were unsure about the matter or refusing to answer).

Apparently these men are unable to comprehend how many babies they could have potentially had roaming the earth if it weren't for birth control. As news of this survey's particularly ludicrous finding spread across social media, so did the plethora of disgusted reactions from people who couldn't seem to wrap their heads around the absurdity of it all. Check out their reactions ahead.

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