Alec Baldwin Just Trolled Donald Trump in the Most Epic Way Possible

It's no secret that Alec Baldwin enjoys making fun of Donald Trump . . . in fact, he gets paid to. The 58-year-old actor portrays the controversial president-elect weekly on Saturday Night Live in hilarious skits, which Trump has admitted he's not a fan of. Baldwin recently took his mockery to a new level when he posted this epic troll-selfie on Instagram wearing a Russian version of Trump's infamous "Make America Great Again" red hat.

Trump has come under fire for his relationship with Putin and his reaction to the CIA's report that says Russia played a part in the hacking of the DNC during the 2016 presidential election. Baldwin has tweeted that he would stop mocking Trump if he releases his taxes. Until then, it's safe to assume we'll be seeing more of this funny feud during Trump's presidency.