Watch Women Read All the Awful Things Trump Has Said About Women

How to run an anti-Donald Trump ad: take all the offensive things he's said about women and have women read them aloud. That's what you get in a brilliant but depressing new commercial that quotes the times he's called women fat pigs and said you have to "treat 'em like sh*t."

The ad was created by an anti-Trump PAC called Our Principles PAC. The PAC is conservative but has spent more than $12 million against GOP candidates — presumably the majority, if not all of it, going against Trump. The group has also created a website called Trump Questions that tries to answer: how much do you really know about Donald Trump?

The ad ends by saying, "This is how Donald Trump talks about our mothers, our sisters, our daughters. If you believe America deserves better, vote against Donald Trump." After you watch the full video, check out all the other ridiculously offensive things Trump has said.