An Asteroid Almost Hit Earth and 3 Other Things to Know Oct. 31

  • Whoa! An asteroid came pretty close to hitting Earth last night, just in time for a Halloween scare. NASA wasn't too worried about it, though, thanks to a new tool that scans telescope data to determine the chances of an object colliding with our planet. So how close did it come? Within 310,000 miles.
  • Speaking of getting close, 32-year-old Prince Harry is reportedly dating 35-year-old American actress Meghan Markle. You might recognize her from her role as Rachel Zane on Suits. The two allegedly met while promoting the Invictus Games in Toronto back in May. Markle hasn't issued a statement about the rumored relationship, and a Kensington Palace spokesperson said they "would not comment on private matters," according to People.
  • The UK is also making headlines because of a University of Edinburgh study on male birth control that had to end early. Apparently 20 male participants out of 320 between the ages of 18 and 45 dropped out because of side effects like mood swings and acne, causing women everywhere to LOL.
  • With eight days to go until the election, former Attorney General Eric Holder and 100 past prosecutors and Department of Justice officials signed a letter slamming FBI director James Comey. The letter said Comey's decision to bring up the emails connected to Hillary Clinton's private server were "troubling" and a "departure from the department's widely-respected, non-partisan traditions." Comey has gotten heat for the timing of his decision, with many thinking he's trying to influence the election against Clinton. Over the weekend, the FBI obtained a warrant for the emails that were found on the laptop of former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who's the estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.