The Anonymous Victim Sexually Assaulted by Brock Turner Reveals Herself as Chanel Miller

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The formerly anonymous victim who was sexually assaulted by disgraced Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner in 2015 at a college party has revealed herself as Chanel Miller, and she has a forthcoming memoir titled Know My Name. Once known as "Emily Doe," Miller will appear in an episode of 60 Minutes later this month ahead of her book's release on Sept. 24.

In January 2015, two graduate students found Miller being sexually assaulted by Turner behind a dumpster at a fraternity party while she was intoxicated and unconscious. The students quickly detained Turner, whose BAC was twice the legal limit, and called the police. After being arrested, the then-19-year-old claimed that Miller was conscious and that their encounter was consensual, though Miller, 22 years old at the time, didn't learn that she was raped until she woke up in the hospital.

In a short preview of the 60 Minutes episode, Miller is seen rereading the powerful statement that she delivered in court while her rapist was on trial three years ago.

"You don't know me, but you've been inside me," she reads. "In newspapers, my name was 'unconscious, intoxicated woman.' Ten syllables, and nothing more than that. I had to force myself to relearn my real name, my identity. To relearn that this is not all that I am. That I am not just a drunk victim at a frat party found behind a dumpster, while you are the All-American swimmer at a top university, innocent until proven guilty with so much at stake."

Turner was found guilty on three accounts of felony sexual assault in 2016 and sentenced to six months in county jail by Judge Aaron Persky, who faced mountains of criticism for the absurdly light sentence. Turner, now a registered sex offender, would later only end up serving three months in jail before being released.

According to The New York Times, Miller has been working on her memoir since 2017, and it will address her frustration with the legal system for being so lenient in the case. Her interview with 60 Minutes will air on Sept. 22.