This Selfless Man Is the True Hero From the Brussels Attacks

As more details of the horrific terrorist attack that rocked Brussels pour in, we have plenty of reasons to despair. But, tragedies have an unfortunate way of demonstrating the best of human nature. After the explosion hit the Brussels airport, a baggage handler named Alphonse Youla selflessly and heroically carried seven injured people from the airport to safety. A BBC journalist tweeted images of Youla that have since gone viral.

Youla was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and his account of the scene is harrowing. He said he heard gunshots before the explosion and that moments after the bomb detonated, he moved wounded people to nearby elevators so that they would be protected from further danger. "I saw people lying on the ground with a lot of blood who weren't moving anymore," he said of the aftermath.

Youla's heroic story is just one of many, we are certain.