Hollywood to the Electoral College: The Whole Point of the System Is to Stop Someone Like Trump

On Dec. 19, the electoral college's 538 members will meet to formally vote on the nation's next president. It's possible that 37 electors will refuse to vote for Donald Trump and decide on an alternative candidate. That means he would only have 269 electoral votes, which is short of the required 270. Ahead of the impending vote, Hollywood is urging Republican members to do the right thing and vote for someone more qualified.

In a video for the anti-Trump group Unite For America, various actors and famous faces deliver the urgent message. Martin Sheen starts off the video by explaining that the electoral college was built to ensure that the presidency goes to someone qualified. Sheen is then joined by actors like Debra Messing and Bob Odenkirk who point out the obvious: the current president-elect is not qualified.

The actors also clarify that they're not asking the electoral college members to vote for Hillary Clinton. Instead, they ask them to vote for any other politician who has the experience and competence needed to do the job.

Watch the impassioned video above.