In 3 Tweets, Chrissy Teigen Schools People Who Think Clinton's Scandals Are as Bad as Trump's

In the last few weeks alone, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have encountered grave roadblocks in their presidential campaigns. While Clinton's recent scandal hinges on the emails of her top aide Huma Abedin's estranged husband Anthony Weiner, Trump's has been a stream of sexual assault allegations. In a few tweets, Chrissy Teigen summarized how these are two incomparable transgressions.

First, she retweeted this message about how America needed to "get real" about the drama.

One candidate is facing fraud and child rape charges and the other sent some emails. Get real America.

— Darren Hayes (@darrenhayes) November 2, 2016

She quoted the tweet and added, "Trump is one horrible man. No big deal on its own. The amount of supporters he has is the troubling part. God help us."

Teigen didn't stop there. "'Ok so he is going to trial for child rape but she . . .' WHAT. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE GONNA SAY AFTER THE WORD 'SHE.' REALLY THINK," Teigen wrote on her newly private Twitter account. ". . . BECAUSE WHATEVER COMES AFTER THE WORD 'SHE' MUST BE WORSE THAN CHILD RAPE TO YOU."

She was referring to that fact that more than 10 women have come forward to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct, including an anonymous woman who claims Trump raped her when she was 13. That accuser was supposed to speak to the press for the first time today, but she didn't appear with her lawyer at the conference as a planned. Trump will face the woman, known as Jane Doe, in civil court on Dec. 16 after he was ordered by a federal judge in New York to address her suit.

And Clinton's latest scandal has more to do with her staff's mistakes than her own. The FBI announced on Friday that it was reviewing more emails related to Clinton's private server case after they found emails while investigating Anthony Wiener for sexting an underage girl. Weiner was, until recently, married to Huma Abedin, Clinton's close aide.

Certainly, Trump and Clinton are not perfect candidates. We still don't know Clinton's role in the new FBI probe, nor do we know the veracity of Doe's claims. But, as Teigen points out, one accusation is far more disturbing than the other.