We Know Chuck Schumer Isn't Actually Smoking a Joint Here, but We Can't Stop Giggling

Getty | Mark Wilson

With so much happening on Capitol Hill, it's nice to laugh at a picture of Chuck Schumer just hanging out, seemingly smoking a colossal joint. On May 18, Senator Ben Sasse shared several pictures of himself and Senator Tom Cotton chatting up other senators just walking past them, namely John McCain, John Cornyn, and Chuck Schumer. After looking at the pictures more closely, however, Sasse noticed something a little off.

In a tweet, Sasse wrote, "Holy moly — it looks like Senator Schumer and I are smoking reefer outside a wedding." Due to the completely coincidental placement of Schumer's hands, it really does look like he's "smoking" the security camera behind him. In true fashion, the internet quickly ran with it and began photoshopping the picture in question. It eventually got so much attention that Schumer himself just had to address it. Ahead, learn more about the internet's obsession with these fascinating photos.

The pictures that started it all.

People needed to brace themselves for the inevitable memes.

Does anyone else think Senator Sasse resembles Jim Halpert?

Then, the photoshopped pictures arrived.

Oh, it gets better.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves, Senator Schumer.

Ultimately, a lot of people just liked to see these different senators socializing.