Watch The Daily Show's Trevor Noah Take Down Congress For Doing Nothing About Zika

If South Africa can do it, we can too. During Wednesday night's Daily Show segment, host Trevor Noah took down Congress's handling of the Zika virus by comparing it to how the government of South Africa handles crisis.

Noah, who was born in South Africa, showed news clips about how the mosquito-borne virus is spreading across the US, how it's much more dangerous than people first imagined, and how the Senate has failed multiple times to pass a bill for funding to fight it. "I traveled all the way from Africa and now I'm going to die in New York from a mosquito disease," Noah joked. "Do you know how embarrassing this would be?"

He also said Congress "should learn about urgency from the third world." For example, the South African government took many steps to fight the country's AIDS problem, such as giving away free condoms and even making them fruit flavored when people complained about their smell. "When it comes to protecting our people, there's nothing we're not willing to do," he said. "That's a government that has its people's best interests at heart. America's Congress can't agree on funding, and South Africa is addressing flavor complaints."

Indeed, the government's inaction toward Zika reached a new level of criticism this week when Florida Republican Representative David Jolly was so outraged, he brought a jar of mosquitoes onto the House floor.