Donald Trump Picks His Secretary of Defense and 5 Other Stories to Know Dec. 2

  • Another day, another nomination to Trump's cabinet. On Thursday evening at a stop in Cincinnati on his self-proclaimed victory tour, the president-elect said he had selected General James Mattis of the Marine Corps as secretary of defense. The retired general, whose tours in Iraq and Afghanistan earned him the name "Mad Dog," has at least one problem facing his confirmation: you have to be retired seven years from serving before taking a position in public office.
  • J. Cole fans are rejoicing. The North Carolina rapper released a surprise documentary chronicling the creation of his new album. Even better news: it appears, after a preorder popped up on the iTunes store, that J. Cole is releasing a new album next week and no one knew it was coming.
  • Political upheavals are brewing everywhere, not just in the United Kingdom and the United States. Italy will vote on a constitutional overhaul on Sunday. The referendum, which is supported by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, would allow laws to be passed with only the approval of the lower house (removing the senate's power). Much like Brexit, pundits are describing the vote as another potential populist win if it is struck down.
  • The Olympics drained Rio's cash; the Brazilian city is broke. Just three months after hosting the Olympics, Rio de Janeiro is unable to pay its state employees. During the Games, the country federally bailed out the city, but now that emergency money is drained and Rio is struggling to operate.
  • Some good news for Americans: the unemployment rate is at a nine-year low, at 4.6 percent. The United States added 178,000 jobs in November. The report seems to negate President-elect Trump's claims that more Americans are unemployed than ever and vastly overestimating the unemployment rate, an apparent jab at Obama.
  • They're back on, for now. Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, who publicly broke up last year, are reportedly working things out. According to E! News, the pair has been back together for a few months.