Donald Trump Just Held the Most Bizarre Press Conference

Trump steaks, Trump wine, Trump water, and Trump Magazine. Sounds like a Trump infomercial, doesn't it? After Donald Trump won Mississippi tonight, he hosted a victory speech/press conference in Florida during which he showed off all of these products. The reason? To dig back at Mitt Romney, who gave a speech last week listing all the reasons Trump isn't fit to be president — including his failed businesses.

Trump steaks! Trump water! Trump wine!

— Jose A. DelReal (@jdelreal) March 9, 2016

The Trump Home Shopping Channel is live now.

— Trip Gabriel (@tripgabriel) March 9, 2016

TRUMP STEAKS, Trump Chardonnay, Trump Rosé and Trump water will be served to guests at Trump's presser 2nite in FL

— Nick Kalman (@NickKalmanFN) March 9, 2016

As a sign of how ridiculous it was, all major cable networks stayed on Trump's press conference instead of cutting to Hillary Clinton's victory speech, which happened around the same time.