Prepare to Cringe Watching Donald Trump Say "Puerto Rico" in a Fake Accent

In case you missed it, Donald Trump "loves Hispanics" — so much so, in fact, that while discussing Puerto Rico at the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration at the White House on Friday, Oct. 6, the president decided to completely butcher the pronunciation of the disaster-ravaged island in front of a room full of Latino leaders. You know . . . because of the love.

The moment in question came during President Trump's speech at the White House, when he proclaimed — with an affected accent — that "we love Puerto Rico." Putting a heavy emphasis on the "Pu" in "Puerto Rico," Trump repeated his awful pronunciation of the US territory's name not once, not twice, but three times, concluding the performance with a self-satisfied smile and reverting back to his Americanized pronunciation of the name. Give it a watch below:

While the moment garnered chuckles from attendees at the speech, it didn't take long for Trump's presumed mockery of the Spanish language and Puerto Rican people to spark heavy criticism online.

Despite his claims of loving the territory, Trump has spent plenty of the time since Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria insulting its leaders and complaining about relief costs affecting his budget. Luckily for the US citizens in need of lifesaving supplies, at least there are former presidents and celebrities who are spending time raising money for Puerto Rico instead of butchering its pronunciation.