What It's Like Growing Up With Hillary Clinton as Your Pen Pal

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What's it like when your pen pal is Hillary Clinton? As the latest part of an effort to make the Democratic nominee seem more genuine, Clinton's campaign released a new video starring Aleatha Williams, who has been exchanging letters with Clinton since she was in middle school. Their friendship started when an 8-year-old Williams wrote to Clinton when she was first lady.

Not only were the two pen pals, but Clinton also went to Williams's middle school graduation luncheon and, later, her high school graduation. "She remembered that promise that she made to a little girl," Williams said. She and her mother also volunteered for Clinton's New York Senate campaign.

Last week, the Clinton campaign released a similar video highlighting a woman named Janelle Turner, who described her correspondence and friendship with Clinton throughout her breast cancer battle. That video has since received more than two million views.