Meet the Heroes of Hurricane Harvey

For many Texans, Hurricane Harvey was a once-in-a-lifetime event. The massive Category 4 storm didn't dissolve on impact; it continues to circle the gulf with drenching rains and heavy winds, bringing reservoirs and streams to max capacity and filling roadways with not inches but feet of water. Despite these conditions, the people of Texas have come out in droves to help those less fortunate than themselves. And it's not just the rescue workers who have been deputized to do this sort of work; regular citizens have also left the safety of shelter to help pitch in where and when they can. What we've seen over the last few days is the kindness of strangers being demonstrated on the grandest possible scale, and it's nothing short of heroic.

Ahead, we've highlighted some of the most heart-wrenching rescues that have been captured on the ground in Texas. And we'll continue to add to this list in the coming days and weeks, because every single one of these individuals is a true hero of Hurricane Harvey, and we couldn't be more grateful for their kindness.

This smiling guy who saved someone's grandmother from her flooded home.

This guy who carried a pup on his back to safety.

This man who saved two children and deserves a statue in his honor.

These individuals who literally pushed a car out of high water.

This man who saved not one but two pups after saving their family.

This guy who saved a mother and child.

These police officers who saved a bunch of cows.

This guy who managed to reunite a dog with his owner thanks to social media!

This man who performed an absolutely breathtaking rescue.

This hero.

These reporters who helped save a truck driver.

This woman who showed some Southern charm in the face of calamity.

This man who worked for more than two days straight to save lives before coming home to his kids.

This guy who isn't afraid to jet around in high water to save lives.